INTERNATIONAL PORT SVISHTOV is situated on the southern most part of the Danube river on the 7th Pan European transport corridor (Rein-Main-Danube). It is located on the right riverbank (43° 37’ north) - 554th km. from the river outlet and 1825th km. from Port Regensburg.

History shows that even in the beginning of the 16th century the port was an important transport and trading centre for handling of cargo from Western Europe to the Balkan and Middle East states and back.

In Svishtov the Danube river enters the Danube Hill Valley and provides the shortest way from the Danube river to the Maritsa river and Aegean Sea through the Balkan Mountain passages. Following the port development in 18th and especially in 19th century Svishtov was the main trading town in the Ottoman Empire.

The transportation advantage and location of the town helps developing the import and export from Northern and Southern Central Bulgaria.

The port importance is growing according to the transport corridors under construction.

International Port Svishtov is located near the Transport Corridors No 8 and No 9 and 45 km. from highway Hemus (56 km. from its planned track) and 40-50 km. from Alexandria (Romania) which lies on the main country road Bucharest-Timisoara-Arad and is a part of the international infrastructure corridors.